Nitridex Homemade protein bars

Nitridex Homemade protein bars. These can actually make the difference between fast muscle gains and slow muscle gains! The biggest problem with diet is convenience. Trainees will often forget to eat a meal here and miss a meal there. Then there are times that he or she simply will not want to cook a meal. All these missed meals slow down your muscle building progress. If you have homemade protein bars handy at all times, then you will never miss a meal and your progress will be fast and steady. Making protein bars at home are much more healthy and a lot cheaper than store bought bars which contain all kinds of questionable ingredients. You can experiment on your own by using protein powder, oatmeal,

Eat 5-6 times a day. Don’t freak out and think this is impossible. It’s actually easy as you can substitute a few “meals” with easy to consume protein shakes. Why is this important? You are continually feeding your body muscle building proteins throughout the day, ideally every 3 hours. If you think of the process that takes place within your body for muscle growth, then you can view this muscle building trick as constantly promoting and pushing for┬áNitridex muscle to be built. If you only eat 2 times a day, there are blocks of “empty hours” which are not contributing towards growth, and hence it will take you much longer to achieve your muscle gaining goals.

Protein every single meal, no exceptions! This is the cornerstone of your muscle building diet. Always make sure the main element in each meal is protein. If you are having a shake, protein powder should be the main ingredient, then add your fruit or veggies if you are doing a “green smoothie”. If you have a regular meal, then chicken, eggs, lean meat, or another protein source should be the main element, and then you can add your veggies and rice.

Bulking phase. If you really want to pack on muscle quickly, go through a bulking phase. This can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. These phases are all about big eating. Lots of protein and lots of carbs. You want to try to keep it clean, but you don’t have to worry as much as far as eating “junk food” every now and then. To start a bulking phase, you might want to shoot for 4 weeks and gauge your progress. And yes, you will gain a bit of fat, but your muscular gain will be more predominant. You can focus on cutting up afterwards, right now you want to gain size quickly, and the quickest way is to implement a bulking phase in your diet.

Protein shake immediately after workout. There is a “growth window” that exists right after you workout. This is the window where you should ingest a high protein shake that has both protein and fruit juice or other simple sugars. Your body has just been taxed with heavy weightlifting and is primed for taking in a quick form of protein which will greatly assist in the growth process.

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