Magna RX When designing a bodybuilding diet

Magna RX The nutrition of a bodybuilding diet can make or break a fitness regime. All too often people exercise and think it’s OK to eat junk because they are “burning it off” or they are “bulking.” People know this is wrong but the thing is, they don’t know the right way to eat to build muscle. They don’t know that you can gain muscle and maintain a ripped core at the same time. They don’t understand how to schedule “treats” into their new bodybuilding diet. Instead a snack turns into a full blown binge! Not good!

When constructing a bodybuilding diet there are certain principles that we follow. These principles set apart the winners and the losers. You’re here because you are wanting to learn about the real way to eat according your goals. The following tips are tried and tested over time. There will be new techniques that promise fast results but they are often only temporary. Enjoy the ride and make it a lifestyle. In return, you will have a great body for life!

Bodybuilding Diet Rules:

Rule #1: One of the most common rules is to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 large ones. The original idea was that it keeps the metabolism firing. Research has found this to be inaccurate. Instead, it has been discovered that eating smaller meals throughout the day high in protein encourages more fat loss through much of the energy of protein being burned off as heat.

Rule #2: Carbohydrates should not be neglected. Although a much leaner high-protein diet is recommended, complex carbohydrates are required as well. This principle is based on Magna RX the fact that carbohydrates fuel the energy demands faster than protein alone. Additionally, you should be eating complex carbohydrates not simple sugars.

This is because complex carbohydrates are take longer to digest and if consumed they can last throughout the day to control your blood sugar levels. Be aware that simple sugars can enter the blood stream quickly and spike up your blood sugar level through increasing insulin secretion. Complex carbohydrates curb the sudden release of insulin, which can drive sugars in the blood to other tissues such as the liver and the fat cells. This is why complex carbohydrates can also control the deposition of sugars to fat cells; thus, controlling your body fat and weight gain.

Rule #3: When designing a bodybuilding diet you will notice that most people almost prohibit the increase in insulin. There are certain times you need to elevate the level of your blood sugar in order to use the insulin effectively. The pre- and post-workout meals should be considered because sometimes it differs from the bodybuilding nutrition we all used to know and follow.

Rule #4: The last among these principles (though not the least) is the limited consumption of dietary fats. Take note that fats also gives us energy and what many might not know yet, fats (particularly cholesterol) are required for hormone production, which in turn is needed to boost muscle development. Fats should normally make up around 20% of your calories or roughly 1g per pound of bodyweight.






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