Cerebral Boost For Sale When It Comes to Weightlifting and Exercise

Cerebral Boost For Sale When it comes to weightlifting and exercise, ego has created a true dichotomy for those in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. From commercial gyms and marathons to sports arenas and baseball diamonds you’ll find older athletes of all ages, but then you’ll meet just as many or more people in their 50’s and 60’s who can only truly be referred to as ‘old’. So what’s the difference between these two groups and why is the gulf widening between ‘boomers’ and ‘zoomers’?

The biggest difference is lifestyle, and lifestyle is a choice. And that choice is often based entirely on ego – how you see yourself. If you choose to judge yourself by financial success, you’ve probably made that your focus for most of your adult life, concentrating on making money and getting ahead, leaving little room for health, family time and outside hobbies. If you picture yourself as a parent and grandparent first, you’re probably a nourisher who dotes on their kids and grandkids, even though it’s meant a little less materialistic gain and probably carrying some extra poundage around each day. If you’ve always seen yourself as healthy and energetic, you’ve most likely been more careful to maintain healthy nutrition and been lifting weights, doing yoga or Zumba and/or been out running regularly.

And that’s where the divide comes from – the lifestyle you’ve chosen up to this point. For most people, by the time you’re in your 50’s and 60’s you’ve already experienced the┬áCerebral Boost illnesses, suffering and deaths of loved ones or even those you’ve grown up with. Staying in great shape, weightlifting and exercising and eating right wouldn’t have prevented all of those deaths, but how many might have avoided or at least survived those strokes, heart attacks and other fatalities if they’d been strong, healthy and carrying around the right weight for their frames, being neither underweight or overweight?

Look at what doctors and researchers say about diabetes, heart attacks and the like – over and over you’ve seen their advice to exercise to reduce the risks and severity. Look at seniors who have had bad falls – those that can cause a broken hip or pelvis, for example. Many never fully recover and pass within a couple of years, while stronger, healthier people heal fairly quickly and go back to their active life. And how many of today’s diseases that plague older segments of the population come from a lifetime – or even a few years – of poor nutrition?

Even if you ignore the life-threatening situations and conditions, compare the daily lives of the two groups. Modern day life is filled with stress and that has a major effect on both mind and body – but it affects healthy people to a lesser degree as their minds and bodies are much stronger. How’s your energy level? Are you too tired to get everything done and still go out in the evening? Or do you bounce out of bed when you get up and still love going out to the theater or a game and then out with friends for a late dinner afterward?

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