Buy Male Extra If you know your somatotype

Buy Male Extra It takes 50 calories a day to keep a pound of muscle on your body and it requires only 5 calories to maintain a pound of fat. This means that the more muscle you have the more calories you are going to need to maintain or increase the amount of muscle that you have.

If you know your somatotype you will be able to plan your own workouts and nutrition that you will need to gain muscle. A tall and thin Ectomorph will not respond to the same diet and exercise program that an athletic Mesomorph will respond to.

This only comes from knowledge and knowing what your predominant somatotype is the basis for getting results on a long-term basis. Any resulting muscle gain that is achieved comes from the constant changing and adaptation to the current lean body mass that you have.

There are many gym goers who follow a specific program and most of them fall into the trap of doing the same workout with the same weight every time they train. Male Extra The result is obviously a training plateau when your body stops responding because you are no longer stressing yourself enough when you train.

Our bodies are built to survive and the adaptability of our bodies and minds are able to change their structure completely when training is done on a regular basis. It is the same when eating good nutrition or bad nutrition where your body goes into survival mode and deposits fats that it does not need for later use.

Our built in survival mechanism that the creator gave us can be altered with specific movements and nutrition to insure muscle growth on a permanent basis. The more we know about our bodies the more we will be able to constantly challenge this adaptability.

Fat-loss comes from eating less calories than you use every day and this can only be done by learning to count calories. Counting calories, when you know your daily calorie requirement, is the foundation of any well-balanced bodybuilding diet.

Eating healthy, well-balanced meals or snacks 5 or 6 times a day only comes from planning. If you walk out your home without thinking about what you are going to eat for the day ahead you will simply land up getting quick and easy junk food when your blood sugar drops and you get starving hungry.

The result is fat gain that hides any and all muscle that you might be holding. But nutrition has come a long way and we now know that preparing negative calorie foods can speed up fat loss without ever needing to go hungry. Starving and not eating at all only slows metabolism and makes you fatter when you start eating again.

When we stop eating and go on a grape diet or some fancy fruit diet our metabolism adapts as it is built to survive. It slows down the breakdown of any food/fruit that you eat so that the energy needed to keep your body going is always maintained and that collapsing is avoided.

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