Ageless Male For Sale This is the normal workout routine

Ageless Male For Sale Think about it, almost every workout you come across has you doing 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Why though? Why not 4 sets for 6 reps? If you are developing your own workout routine these are the types of questions you want to keep in mind.


This is the normal workout routine due to the findings of a study from 1948 that determined 3 sets of 10 was the best for increasing leg strength. This forever got ingrained in strength training. That being said, if you think about it through do all muscle groups need the same workout pattern? I mean, shouldn’t your entire back need more attention than the smaller biceps? Doing the same routine for huge muscle groups makes no sense when you consider how much larger they are, how many more calories they burn, and how they really help increase your strength! In fact, you need to work the muscles differently!

The Right Number of Sets/Reps for You

It’s best to vary the number of sets dependent on the specific exercise and muscles you’re training. You should set your workout up to where you are fatigued after Ageless Male every strength training session. Buy how many reps and sets is that?

One way to determine the number of sets/repetition you do dependent on your goals is to follow the ISSA approach presented in a article.

We all know the downfalls of overtraining- tired all the time, decreased strength and muscle size and lack of interest in training. Overtraining is something to be avoided if a trainee wants to continue making progress in their workouts.

But if overtraining is done on a temporary basis, its referred to as overreaching. Typically, a bodybuilder overtrains for no more than two weeks and takes a break from all training or from training the muscle group being focused on.

The following program is a good example of applying this to arm development:

Bicep Machine Curls-1×10
Concentration Curls-1×12
Barbell Curls-1×8
Palms-facing Pull-downs-1×12
Triceps Pressdowns-1×10
Lying Triceps Extensions-1×12
Seated Triceps Extensions-1×12
Seated or Bar Dips-1×10

All sets need to be taken to muscular failure, which is the point where no additional full reps can be completed.

Pick three days in which you train using this program twice per day. At the end of three days take ten days off training arms then resume normal arm training. You will be stronger and your arms will have had ample time to rest and rebuild.

This “shocking” method can be applied to any muscle group to give it a “kick start” for new growth!

David Groscup has over 35 years of experience in HIT, or High Intensity Weight Training. He is certified as a High Intensity Trainer by the IART/Med-Ex Group and has trained many people successfully in this protocol.

Substitute new exercises, or ones that you haven’t done in a while, for the current ones you are using. Change the angle of the exercises by using different grip spacing or by using different bars or handles. Use higher rep ranges than you have been to offer new stimulation to your muscles. Slow down rep speed to Superslow levels, that is, a 10-second positive followed by a 4-second negative.

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