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Witches & Warlocks Evermore!

Good seasons day everyone! The Gods prevail upon me today to say the following for those who need to hear these words!
I’ve met so many who relate that because of their beliefs in Witchcraft, or any such “Craft” they feel like outcasts from most of society, and I always find myself relating in the same way to just about all.
“You’re feeling like an “outcast?” You know… I’ve always found that being treated like an outcast has been the best single thing that’s ever happened to me in my life! It‘s empowered me and shown me avenues and paths that most others in the world could only dream of in both their brightest inner visions and in their darkest of nightmares!
It’s been my single greatest source and gateway to inner power, personal strength, and the sureness of my own capacity to surpass, rise above, and to survive all obstacles!”
When in the past I’ve related that: “After all that I’ve been through in my life, up to and including already experiencing my own death once, there’s really not all that much more for me to ever be afraid of any longer…” I REALLY do mean it!
Don’t be afraid of who you are and of standing up tall and firm for who and what you believe!
Use your feelings of “OUTCAST-NESS” as a source of incredible and infinite strength and POWER in your life!
THIS is “The Craft”, this is YOUR CRAFT, at its best!  

Blessings of this Samhain Season and a Happy Halloween to All!

–  Reverend HP WD Allan